– KUMA Fit’s Sponsored Women’s League –

Women’s Basketball

All games will be played at Saco XL on Sundays at 6:00pm. You have the option to register for just Session 1 or Session 1 and 2.

(If you JUST want to sign up for Session 2, you will need to wait until registration closer to that session date)

Winter 2023 Sessions

Session 1:

  • Feb 26
  • March 5
  • March 12
  • March 19
  • March 26
  • April 2

Session 2:

  • April 16
  • April 23
  • April 30
  • May 7
  • May 14th (no game, mothers day)
  • May 21
  • May 28th (no game, memorial day)
  • June 4


If you can’t make every game, that’s okay! Please shoot us a text (207-407-9596) if you’re not able to make a game. This can help us plan and possibly find you a sub. If you have a pick up player, let us know that too! 🙂

Inclement Weather: If the weather looks sketchy, please keep an eye on your messages and email. We will notify you if there is a cancellation. Cancelled games will be rescheduled.

Questions? Text Stacy & Nicole at (207) 407-9596.

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Women's basketball league photo with 13 women. Some are standing and some are kneeling below.
A woman shooting a 3 point shot
A basketball game with a woman dribbling around the 3 point line with someone guarding her in front.

League Rules

We are excited to offer a women’s-only basketball league in the Saco area. All women are welcome whether you played in high school, college, or you just loved shooting hoops! This league is a positive and supportive place to get back to the game we love.


Team Creation

We will create new teams each week. This works best to prevent one team from not having enough players due to individual schedules and unforeseen absences. Having new teams allows us all to get to know each other and have an opportunity to be on a winning team!

Each week, we will draw for teams 5 minutes before the game starts. Please arrive on time.
Please bring a black and white t-shirt. We have pinnies if you forget, but it might be nice to have your own shirt.

  • Please bring a black and white shirt (we have pinnies as back up)
  • Players must wear shoes that are designed for indoor wood court surfaces. NO “turf shoes” or other black-soled shoes will be allowed.
  • Please minimize any jewelry or anything that might harm another player during the game.
  • The league will be using a women’s size basketball.

General League Notes
  • There will be no referees. That means we will all be responsible for calling our own fouls and are encouraged to do so in a supportive way. Remember, it may have been 20 years or more since some of us have played by the rules. If you know you travelled or double dribbled, call yourself out.
  • We’re keeping it simple, so we won’t be stopping the game clock.
    Games are played full court and we typically play (4) 12-minute quarters.
  • The game is played from 6:00pm – 7:00pm.

Playing Rules
  • Teams should be present ten (10) minutes before game time.
  • Women’s size basketball will be use (size 6)
  • Teams will flip a coin (or rock, paper, scissor) for first possession.
  • Substitutions made be made on the fly but not to your team’s advantage. Try to substitute during a dead ball.


Because there will be no referees, all fouls must be called by the players. Every foul will result in 1 foul shot. Excessive fouling is not acceptable and will result in suspension from the game.

Jump Balls

Since we aren’t keeping track of each jump ball, the ball will default to the defensive team.


No overtime will be played. Games may end in a tie.

Inclement Weather

Please check your email and text messages. We will notify you in the event of inclement weather. In the event of cancellations, make up games will be scheduled.

Conduct/Discipline Policy
  1. Physical violence and unsportswomanship is not tolerated.
  2. Unsportswomanship conduct shall include, but not be limited to, profanity, threats of any kind towards other players, fighting (before, during or after the game), or any flagrant fouls.


Keep in mind, we will be in close contact with each other. If there is a chance you were in close contact, or if you have participated in other high risk activities (concerts, events, etc) please wear a mask to avoid any concern.

If you have any symptoms of COVID, regardless of whether or not you’ve been vaccinated, please stay home.