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We are so happy to have you here! You’ve taken the first step (and sometimes the hardest) by showing up—so congratulations!

We are so happy to have you here! You’ve taken the first step (and sometimes the hardest) by showing up—so congratulations!

Kickboxing is a great workout and lifestyle for everyone. Going to the gym can be intimidating and/or boring and I often hear that this is the first workout that people don’t hate. Get ready…you’re gonna be addicted!

Beyond that, KUMA is a place where you will be surrounded by positive vibes and supportive women. I believe that every woman has the right to feel powerful and strong. This is truly a judgment-free zone and I want you to feel supported and comfortable.

If you need anything, just reach out to me or one of my amazing coaches. Whatever your goals are, from losing weight to finding new friends, our team is here for you. 🙂


Coach Stacy, Owner


Booking your classes

All members are required to book their classes in advance. We uses a simple app to make this process easy.

Download the app to view the class schedule and book your classes, track your attendance, register for events, and manage your membership.

Your success comes from patience and consistency. Establish good habits and book your classes for each week—and commit to them!

Booking your class guarantees your spot in the class (each class is capped at 15) and it helps our instructors prepare. Class registration opens 2 weeks before.

KUMA Westbrook App: Apple | Android


Glove Wall

As a member, your gloves have a home in our studio. Ask us for your name tag so you can claim a spot to hang your gloves on our wall.

Referral Rewards

One of our top missions is to make sure our studio feels comfortable and welcoming for new members. Word of mouth is the best introduction and we want to thank you for being a fan!

Here’s how it works:

  • First, make sure your referral uses your name when they sign up…this is the only way we can track it. 🙂
  • When your friend signs up for our Kickboxing Foundations Course you get a Referral Rewards punch card with 1 class credit (you have the option to use this punchcard as long as you are an active member, and we will add to it for every referral!)
  • AND, when you give them the coupon code “KBXFRIEND” they will get their starter package (gloves and hand wraps) for free. 
  • Bonus, if your friend signs up for a membership, you will get 2 more credits added to your Referral Rewards punchcard.

For every friend you refer, you have the potential to earn a total of 3 class credits you can use anytime!


Weather Related Cancellations

If the weather is bad, please check the Pushpress app to make sure there are classes listed. If you have booked a class and we need to cancel due to weather, you will get an email or text. We will also post weather-related cancellations to our Facebook page and the Social tab in the member app.

Class Cancellation Policy

If you’re unable to make a class that you’ve book, you are required to cancel. Our cancellation policy is to help you stay committed to your workout and to make sure no one loses the chance to book a class. Fees will be billed to your account at the time of your booked class.

  • Cancellation window: For morning classes, you must cancel at least 12 hours prior to the class and for evening classes 4 hours prior. Cancellations after this window will be considered a “late cancel”. 
  • Cancellation fee for no-shows or late cancels: Our booking system will automatically deduct your class credit if you do not cancel in time
  • Life happens: We understand that things happen. Please let us know if any unforeseen circumstances have kept you from attending class.

Membership Change

You can update your membership at any time if you are upgrading. When changing to a lower plan you are required to follow the 30-day cancellation policy. 

Membership Cancellation

There is a 30-day notice required to cancel your membership and a 14 day notice to place your membership on hold. Your membership is NOT cancelled until you have completed this form and received a confirmation from our staff.


– Foundations videos
– How to wrap your hands


– Facebook Community Group
– Facebook Member Group

Common Kickboxing Techniques

  1. Boxer Stance – Feet are placed about shoulder-width apart, weight is 50/50, keep your hands up right next to your cheeks
  2. Jab – It’s your lead punch (comes off your front leg), it’s quick and moves in a straight line, lands horizontally.
  3. Cross – Throws off the rear leg, powerful punch, pivot your back foot and rotate your hips, lands horizontally
  4. Hook – Get in close, strike to the side of the bag, the elbow is up and arm is parallel to the ground, pivot to punch, thumb points back at you
  5. Uppercut – Get in close, comes off your hip, twist your hips and pivot for power, palm faces up, low strike on the bag
  6. Front Kick – Hips face the bag, knees raises up before you kick,  target with the bottom of your foot (like a push)
  7. Roundhouse – This is like kicking a ball, supporting leg will be facing away from the bag to ensure your knees are in the proper position, target with the top of your foot, hips should facing the same direction as the kick.

For more instruction on the basic kickboxing techniques, check out our video here:

Common Terminology

1-2 = 1 is used to reference a jab and 2 is used to reference a cross. So, a 1-2 is a jab, cross. And a 1-1-2 is a jab, jab, cross.

AMRAP = As many rounds/reps as possible

Burnout = Final round that should be approached with 110% effort and intensity

Catching = The mitt holder

EMOM = Every minute on the minute. Must complete a series of movements within a minute. Once you are done you can rest until the next minute. Try and maintain pace each round.

HIIT = High-intensity Interval Training is a training method in which you go all-out through quick and intense bursts of exercise, followed by short, less intense, recovery periods. This type of training gets and keeps your heart rate up and burns more fat in less time.

HIRT = High-intensity Resistance Training uses a method of raising your heart rate using a method of resistance (weights, bands, etc)

Ladder = Method where you increase reps or time with exercises. Example, Burpee/jog 1 lap, burpee/jog 2 laps, burpee/jog 3 laps…

Mitts = Hand pads to catch punches

Punch & Drop = Quick punches on the bag. When the instructor yells “drop” you will drop your body flat to the floor (burpee) and then back up to punching as quickly as possible. 

Pyramid = Method where you increase the reps and decrease at the same pace. Example, 10, 20, 30, 20, 10

Starter Round = The first round usually has basic or repeating techniques. This helps get warmed up on the bag and practice more simple movements. Not usually a HIIT round.

Tabata = Method which includes 8 rounds of 20 seconds high intensity and 10 seconds rest. The goal is to maintain pace throughout the series.

Frequently asked questions

Class Credit FAQs

When do class credits renew?
Class credits will renew on the 1st of each month

Do class credits roll over?
No—your credits will need to be used in the month that they are assigned.

Will I be refunded for unused credits?
No—we encourage members to plan their month and schedule their classes accordingly. The more you stay committed to your routine the more successful you will be with achieving your goals. We recommend booking classes at least 1 week in advance and practice holding yourself accountable to attend.

What happens if I forget to cancel a class booking?
Our system will automatically deduct a class credit if you fail to show for a booked class or you cancel late (12 hours before a morning class or 4 hours before an evening class).

I had an emergency and had to miss class unexpectedly. Can I get my credit back?
We understand there will be unforeseen issues that may come up. Please email us if this happens so we can correct your class count.

Can I get more credits?
If you use all the credits in your membership, you may purchase additional ones at a discounted rate.