Hi, I’m Coach Stacy! I’ve been training and teaching martial arts for 15 years and nothing is more amazing than seeing a woman feel more confident and powerful. KUMA is more than a kickboxing studio, it’s a community where women can feel safe, positive, and supported by the coaches and other members. I hope we redefine what women’s fitness means and bring the focus on feeling positive and strong. As a coach, I am here to help you succeed with your fitness, your mindset, and your life!

When I’m not teaching or training I love spending time with my family – my partner and my silver lab, Ransom. I also enjoy being creative (I went to Maine College of Art) so I use my graphic design skills to make things or I love to make music on the drums or with my uke.

The point is, not to resist the flow. You go up when you’re supposed to go up and down when you’re supposed to go down.– Murakami