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Congratulations on completing your Foundations Course! 🎉

I know what it’s like to hit the bag for the first time and I’m sure you’re feeling pretty powerful right now and I’m pumped for you. 💪 Now that you’ve completed your Foundations Course, here’s what’s next!

Getting Started

  1. Choose a plan — Our plans are listed below on this page. Get started with a plan that fits your needs. Consistency is queen and the more you train, the more powerful you will feel!
  2. Start booking classes — You can book up to 2 weeks in advance and don’t forget you have a complimentary credit to use. If there’s a waitlist, add yourself. In most cases, you’ll get in. We have a late cancel policy (4 hours prior to evening classes and 12 hours prior to morning classes) so please cancel your reservations in time for other ladies to take your spot.
  3. Hang your gloves — Members have the option to claim a hook on the Glove Club wall and leave their gloves at the studio. This is the best way to remember your gear for class. 🙂
  4. Meet with our Studio Manager — You’ll be hearing from our studio manager to set up a time (before or after your class) to check in and have a chance to learn a little more about our studio and have time to ask any questions. 

Start with the KUMA Kickstart

The first 90 days to any new habit can be a challenge. We want to offer you the “Kick Start” program to keep you coming to class 3 times each week and fall back in love with movement! This plan is designed to support your growth while helping build consistency in small, easy to manage, steps.

KUMA Kickstart includes:

  • 10 classes per month
  • Weekly action steps that include learning content on our online Thrive platform
  • And, the opportunity to complete small challenges for bonus prizes and class passes.

Here is a quick breakdown of our additional membership options:

BASIC PLAN (6 classes/month) — A good option if you have other workout routines or a schedule that would prevent you from being consistent each week.

CORE PLAN (8 classes/month) — A solid option and a great way to maintain your health, knowledge, and technique. 

PLUS PLAN (12 classes/month) — Our most popular option is 3 classes a week and a perfect way to immerse yourself in strong movement and a supportive community. 

Max PLAN (Unlimited) — If this is YOUR thing then this is your plan. Consistent movement is the ultimate way to stay mentally and physically strong through all the ups and downs in life.

(207) 503-3382

Save our number and use this to message us whenever you have questions. It’s the fastest way to get in contact with us.