Boxie Girls

Creating a safe community for girls to express their individuality and build confidence.

Girls Kickboxing Program (ages 12-15)

This program is to help build confidence, skills, fitness, and community for girls ages 12-15. Each week will focus on a different way for these girls to be more savvy, safe, and successful in every aspect of their lives.

We will use our awesome kickboxing workouts to build strength and self-protection knowledge and this will all be done in a supportive and positive environment to encourage growth and confidence.

And, the girls will be rewarded for their commitment by earning badges and having the option to have a coach review their skills and progress to the next level.

The Boxie Girl Kickboxing program will start the fall in 2023. Click the button below if you’re interested in learning more or to get notified when we have registration information. 

Boxie Girl PowHerFull Summer Camp (Ages 12-15)
July 10th – July 14th, 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

Age-Specific Classes

We mix movement, games, and conversation for a perfect age appropriate blend!

Build Confidence

Through movement and positive connections with peers and mentors, girls will gain confidence with each class. 

Friendly Coaches

Our coaches are skilled at empowering young teens and they do this with a positive-based approach to learning.

Improve Strength

Kickboxing movements are a great way to build strength and practice self-defense techniques.

What you can expect

Our mission is to provide every girl a safe and positive space to workout and feel empowered to be strong. This program will focus on kickboxing and skill building to keep girls motivated and building the confidence they need to be successful.

Our friendly and encouraging coaches will build a culture that will feel amazing to be a part of!

This program is perfect for girls who…

  • Want a community but haven’t found it yet
  • Want to be active but aren’t into organized sports
  • Would love to be surrounded by powerful girls
  • Need a positive and strong female role model
  • Are ready to achieve success
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Gwendolyn MacLeod
Gwendolyn MacLeod
Fun classes and a super supportive community!
Carmen Bernier
Carmen Bernier
I am absolutely loving my kickboxing classes at KUMA!! It’s a great workout without feeling like a workout! I am feeling stronger and more empowered with each class….and it’s a lot of fun! Everyone at KUMA is supportive and kind, and they made me feel comfortable from the start!
Sheryl Flannery
Sheryl Flannery
I’ve only been to two beginner classes so far but I was surprised how much I am enjoying myself while getting a great workout. The atmosphere and “vibe” is warm, friendly and low barrier. Very welcoming. Had lots of laughs and made friends the first night. I can’t wait for the next session!
Jennifer Kulak
Jennifer Kulak
I could not recommend KUMA any more. The environment is warm and welcoming and the workout is whatever you want to put into it without judgement. It doesn’t matter what your fitness level is, this place is for people who want to have fun while staying or getting healthy.
Chelsea C.
Chelsea C.
You feel it as soon as you walk in the door: this is a place of support, true non judgement, community and empowerment. A lot of places can say/try to sell you a lot of things (and I've tried more than a few of them), but KUMA is the genuine article. The coaches are phenomenal; they're supportive and 100% mentally and emotionally present before, during and after class if you've got something on your mind or have questions about a combo or technique. The classes are the stuff workout dreams are made of; the combos change, new techniques are introduced with careful & mindful instruction, and the music? SOLID JAMS. The people working out alongside you? They're super friendly, welcoming and offer both emotionally intelligent and practical advice for newbies. I'd been hunting and hoping to find a place like this, and it's worth every penny. Even if you've had the love of movement kicked or beaten out of you --- give KUMA a chance to help you rediscover it. It's quite literally the dojo of my dreams. <3 <3 <3
Michelle Sanborn
Michelle Sanborn
I just started and I’m having so much fun . It’s a great environment and the people are great.
Kaitlyn Johnson
Kaitlyn Johnson
Kuma is the kind of workout I never knew I wanted. A judgment free zone and full of powerful, supportive women- I was hooked from day one.
Camille Saucier
Camille Saucier
A positive & empowering place for women to kickbox!
Jennifer Sirois
Jennifer Sirois
Kuma has welcomed me with open arms and has helped me get back into my fitness journey seamlessly. The environment is very welcoming and the variety of class offerings has been great for me to tailor my fitness plan. I’m very glad I joined!


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