Technique Tips

A person in athletic gear stands barefoot in a martial arts studio, holding a pose with one hand touching a punching bag. Several other punching bags are visible in the background.

What’s up? I’m Coach Stacy, and today, we’re diving into the technique of alternating front kicks on the bag. This fitness technique is all about practicing your front kicks while getting in as many reps as possible throughout the round. What Are Alternating Front Kicks? Alternating front kicks involve kicking...

A person in a gym, wearing boxing gloves and athletic attire, practices punches on a black standing punching bag. Multiple punching bags and gloves hang on the walls in the background.

Think your cross is as powerful as it could be? Let’s dive into the essentials and see if you’re doing it right! What’s the Cross? The cross is a staple in kickboxing and a must-have move in your arsenal. But I’ve seen a lot of beginners (and even some pros)...

A person wearing boxing gloves stands in a gym in front of a punching bag, appearing to practice boxing techniques. They are dressed in a gray shirt, black shorts, and black athletic shoes.

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to refine your technique, footwork is key in kickboxing. I recently shared some valuable insights on how to improve your footwork to boost your power, efficiency, and endurance. Here’s a summary of my top tips, along with a detailed breakdown for those who...


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