Member Stories

A woman wearing a leopard print headband holds a large cup with a straw. The cup reads, "I'M NICE AFTER KICK BOXING." She smiles at the camera.

What inspired you to join KUMA? I recently met someone who is a member at KUMA. Her positive words made me really excited to attend a Sidekick Saturday! After that first class, I was hooked! What keeps you coming back? I love the way I feel during and after the...

A woman smiles while holding a black and white puppy wrapped in a towel inside a facility.

What inspired you to join KUMA? I had been seeing Facebook ads for a little while and talking to my friends about joining. One day, I saw the ad again and I just figured, why not? What keeps you coming back? The community. 100%. I’ve tried a million different workout...

A person with glasses and a patterned shirt takes a selfie outdoors with a scenic view of trees and a sunset-lit landscape in the background.

What inspired you to join KUMA? After transitioning from a job that was very public facing and high energy to one that is work from home, I was feeling antsy to move and meet new people. I wish I could say I did some thorough research to find KUMA but...


3 Eastview Pkwy, Ste. 4, Saco, Maine


39 Mechanic Street, Westbrook, Maine