Keeping Your Fitness On Track: Top Strategies for Busy Lifestyles

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Do you struggle with staying consistent when life gets in the way? If so, you’re not alone. Life, with all its unexpected twists and turns, often disrupts our best-laid plans, especially when it comes to maintaining a consistent workout routine.

Recognizing that life will always present challenges is the first step. From the everyday hurdles like a new job or a changing schedule, to the more significant life events such as an injury, illness, or even adopting a new puppy (yes, that happened to me!), there’s always something that might knock us off course.

Here are some effective strategies to help you stay on track, no matter what life throws your way:

Remember Your WHY

Think back to the reason you started your fitness journey. Was it to improve your physical health, to manage stress better, or perhaps to keep a health condition in check? Remind yourself of how you feel after a good workout. For many of us, the benefits are not just physical but deeply mental and emotional too.

Connect with the Community

Sometimes, the best way to stay motivated is to lean on others for support. Being part of a community provides not only accountability but also a shared experience that can make sticking to your goals more enjoyable and fulfilling.

Plan Ahead

Make your workouts as non-negotiable as any other important appointment. This is the method I us each week. Schedule them into your calendar and treat these times as fixed appointments. This can help you work around the unpredictabilities of daily life. And, make sure your member app is synced with your google calendar!

Set Realistic Goals

Adjust your fitness goals according to your current lifestyle. If you used to exercise five days a week and now you’ve got a hectic schedule, maybe aim for three days instead. It’s about quality, not just quantity. Remember, it’s NOT all or nothing.

Embrace Flexibility

Be open to modifying your workout routine to fit your current circumstances. If you can’t make it to the studio, have a backup plan like a short home workout or even active breaks during your day to stretch or do body-weight exercises. All KUMA members have access to Workouts inside of the member app.

Reach out for help

One of the best parts of being a KUMA member is having access to our Facebook Group, our Social feed, and a number you can text for support at any time. The next time you feel yourself struggle, share what you’re going through because I guarantee you’ll have the support of others who are feeling the same.

Remember, it’s not about being perfect, but about being persistent. Keep moving forward, and let your community and your goals inspire you every step of the way.

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Coach Stacy

Stacy Kim, the founder of KUMA Fit (a women’s kickboxing & fitness studio in Saco, Maine) and Stacy Kim Coaching, has dedicated her life to teaching. She has taught over 10,000 classes and has trained in martial arts and fitness for over 15 years. Today, her mission is to redefine what fitness means for women, to stop objectifying the body, and focus on moving to feel strong.

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