Behind the Scenes: How a KUMA Coach Prepares for Class

Ever wondered what goes into the preparation for a KUMA kickboxing class? Our coaches don’t just show up and start teaching – there’s a whole process behind the scenes to ensure every class is a powerful, fun, and empowering experience. Let’s take a peek into the day of a KUMA coach and see all the steps they take before delivering the class you love.

1. Checking the Team Site for Class Plans

First thing’s first – our coaches check the team site for the day’s class plans. This ensures they know exactly what’s on the agenda and can prepare accordingly. The Team Site is build by Coach Stacy (she loves geeking out on technology.)

2. Reviewing Technique Videos

If there are any uncommon or new movements in the plan, coaches review technique videos. This helps them perfect the moves and ensure they can teach them confidently and effectively.

3. Watching Coaching Note Videos

Next, they watch any coaching note videos associated with the plan. These videos provide additional insights and tips for delivering the best class possible.

4. Setting Timers

Our coaches set up timers to keep the class on track. Timing is crucial for maintaining the pace and ensuring everyone gets the most out of their workout. Sidenote: If you’re curious what timer we use, it’s called Flex Timer and you and download and use this app at home!

5. Arriving at the Gym

Once all the prep work is done, it’s time to head to the gym. But the preparation doesn’t stop here!

6. Checking in with Members

Before class begins, coaches take a moment to check in with members. They greet everyone, ask about their day, and address any questions or concerns.

7. Checking the Bathrooms

An important but often overlooked step – our coaches check the bathrooms to ensure they’re clean and stocked. A tidy gym is a welcoming gym! In case your curious, we use Who Gives a Crap TP. We find it’s the best blend of comfort on the tushy and the environment (it’s 100% recycled).

8. Starting the Music

Music is a huge part of the KUMA experience. Coaches start the playlist to create an energizing and motivating atmosphere. If you’re curious, we choose playlists with a 140 BPM which matches our classes well. For this, we use an app called “Power Music Now“. We’ve chosen this because the songs are designed to hold the 140 beat and they eliminate any slow dips in the songs or in between songs.

9. Setting the Screens

The class plan for the day is displayed on TVs in the gym. Coaches navigate to the class and increase the font size so everyone can easily see what’s coming next.

10. Connecting to the Timer

Coaches connect to the timer via bluetooth. This is the clock you watch and change with each beep.

11. Turning on the Headset

With everything set up, it’s time to turn on the headset. This ensures everyone can hear instructions clearly, no matter where they are in the gym. The coaches are even trained on how to switch the batters mid-class if needed! We use the Shure brand which has been our choice since day 1.

12. Delivering the Class

Now, the part you see – delivering the class! Coaches lead members through the workout with energy, enthusiasm, and expert guidance.

13. Sending Notes via Slack

After the class, coaches send notes and feedback to other coaches via the Slack communication app. This helps keep everyone informed and ensures continuous improvement.

14. Tidying Up for the Next Class

Finally, coaches make sure the studio is tidy and ready for the next class. They pick up any equipment, wipe down surfaces, and ensure everything is in its place.


So, there you have it – a behind-the-scenes look at all the preparation our KUMA coaches do to make sure your class is top-notch. It’s a lot of work, but it’s all worth it to create the empowering and fun environment that KUMA is known for. Next time you’re in class, you’ll know just how much care and effort went into making it an amazing experience for you!

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Coach Stacy

Stacy Kim, the founder of KUMA Fit (a women’s kickboxing & fitness studio in Saco, Maine) and Stacy Kim Coaching, has dedicated her life to teaching. She has taught over 10,000 classes and has trained in martial arts and fitness for over 15 years. Today, her mission is to redefine what fitness means for women, to stop objectifying the body, and focus on moving to feel strong.

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