Our women’s gym is a body-neutral space to find the joy in movement and to feel empowered and strong.

We are throwing away the standards of fitness. Our body-neutral space stays focused on how movement makes you feel and we don’t talk about weight loss, take measurements, or use before and after photos.

We are redefining what fitness means for women and reclaiming the gym from diet-culture. 

Our body-neutral space stays focused on how movement makes you feel and our coaches deliver classes that leave you feeling powerful and strong.

The KUMA community of friendly and supportive women creates a safe and positive space for all women to feel comfortable doing the movements they love.

This is our (wo)manifesto:

  1. We support every woman
  2. We promote positivity through words, actions, and beliefs
  3. We know that every woman is a badass
  4. We are all here to help you feel empowered to do anything
  5. We believe fitness has to be redefined and reimagined
  6. Fitness doesn’t have to suck
  7. We celebrate new standards of beauty
  8. Every body type can be the right body type
  9. We reject diet-culture
  10. Kickboxing builds killer confidence

Stacy Kim


Hi, I’m Coach Stacy! I’ve been training and teaching martial arts for 15 years and nothing is more amazing than seeing a woman feel more confident and powerful. KUMA is more than a kickboxing studio, it’s a community where women can feel safe, positive, and supported by the coaches and other members. I hope we redefine what women’s fitness means and bring the focus on feeling positive and strong. As a coach, I am here to help you succeed with your fitness, your mindset, and your life!

When I’m not teaching or training I love spending time with my family – my partner and my silver lab, Ransom. I also enjoy being creative (I went to Maine College of Art) so I use my graphic design skills to make things or I love to make music on the drums or with my uke.

Headshot of Coach Kiira

Coach Kiira

I joined KUMA in May 2021 after recovering from an injury. Wanting to test my limits with kickboxing, I quickly fell in love with KUMA’s atmosphere, people, and vibe! I became a coach soon after, eager to share my love of the movements with others. After nearly 18 years as a business analyst in the insurance and IT industries I joined KUMA full time in July 2023 and haven’t looked back! Outside the studio, I entertain my cats and plan my next adventures on the water or in the mountains.

Headshot of Coach Mary

Coach Mary

As a former rugby player, I sought a new fitness challenge and discovered kickboxing at KUMA in September 2021. The practice has not only boosted my confidence and provided great workouts but also improved my mental health, thanks to the KUMA community. I aim to help other women experience these benefits as well. Outside the gym, I love traveling, watching sports, spending time with friends, and enthusiastically pointing out every dog I see to ensure no one misses the joy of spotting them.

A woman wearing boxing gloves in a gym.

Coach Camille

I know how it feels to walk into KUMA for the first time, and now I’m excited to provide a friendly and welcoming vibe. I’ve been kickboxing for almost a year and I’m completely obsessed! Hiking, kayaking, and enjoying the outdoors with my husband keep me sane. By day, I’m a choral director and pianist, having taught music in school and directed the Voices in Harmony Choirs in Saco since 2000. I’m thrilled to be part of the KUMA family!

Headshot of Coach Mackenzie

Coach Mackenzie

I joined KUMA in May 2019 and instantly fell in love with kickboxing and the supportive environment. Fitness has been a rollercoaster journey for me, but KUMA allowed me to celebrate my body’s abilities, build strength, and connect physical and mental wellness, all while surrounded by incredible women. Outside KUMA, I’m a scientist, home cook, baker, book lover, and musical theater fan. I’m committed to being a lifelong learner, focusing on the good, celebrating the little things, and never stopping personal growth.

Woman with boxing glove posing in gym.

Coach Abby

I began taking classes at KUMA in October 2020 and instantly connected with the encouraging and compassionate community. When I’m in the studio, my goal is to inspire women to embrace their authenticity and tap into their inner strength to overcome obstacles. As a USM student, I enjoy roller skating, skiing, and outdoor activities in my free time.

Coach Shanna

Coach Shanna

I started my KUMA journey on my 50th birthday, searching for something new and exciting. I had been considering kickboxing for months, and when I put on my first set of gloves and heard the “SNAP” of the bag, I was immediately hooked. Outside the studio, I’m a happily married mother of three nearly grown-up boys and a General Manager of a big box retailer, having been with my current company for 23 years. I love traveling, hiking, kayaking, and staying active in any way I can.

Headshot of Coach Ang

Coach Ang

From my very first experience at KUMA, I’ve felt empowered and welcomed, surrounded by a diverse and amazing tribe of women. I adore coaching and empowering others, as we grow together into strong, fearless goddesses. When I’m not at the studio, I work as a Patient Care Coordinator at a pediatric dental office, and in my free time, I enjoy hiking, camping, exploring the local food and beer scene, or cozying up with a good book.

Woman smiling while wearing boxing gloves at a gym.

Coach Caitlin

I joined KUMA in December 2020, instantly finding a second home in its empowering environment. By fall 2021, inspired to share the incredible support I’d received, I became a coach. Even during a brief maternity leave, KUMA’s spirit was with me, and I’m excited to be back. Outside KUMA, I’m a preschool teacher passionate about the arts, theater, and enjoying Maine’s outdoors with my family. KUMA is more than a gym; it’s a community where I’ve grown and thrived.

Headshot of Coach Naomi

Coach Naomi

Throughout high school, I was highly active with synchronized swimming and soccer, but struggled to find a new passion during college. That changed when I discovered KUMA in March 2021 and fell in love with the empowering community of strong women. KUMA provides a positive, safe exercise environment that emphasizes feeling good over looks. Outside of KUMA, I manage a recruiting company, which motivates me to unwind in class. I also enjoy swimming, surfing, and scuba diving, keeping my childhood dream of being a mermaid alive!

Headshot of Coach Chastity

Coach Chastity

I struggled with maintaining a healthy relationship with fitness until joining KUMA in April 2021. Kickboxing pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me feel empowered, thanks to the supportive KUMA ladies. It’s the perfect therapy after a long day, always leaving me better than when I arrived. Outside KUMA, I’m a head manager at a camping resort in Old Orchard, enjoy spending time with my two cats, and love soaking up the sun while listening to true crime podcasts—even when home alone at night! I hope to inspire others as KUMA has inspired me.

A smiling woman in a blue t-shirt stands in front of a blue background with a white graphic element.

Coach Giovanna

I joined KUMA in January of 2021 looking to step outside of my comfort zone and build confidence. As someone who has always been shy, walking through those doors for the first time was terrifying but one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for myself. Kickboxing has taught me that fitness can be anything I want it to be but, most importantly, it has shifted my focus from how fitness makes me look to how it makes me feel. Outside of KUMA, I work as an engineer and can be found reading, running with my dog, or helping my partner with renovations.

Coach Angel

Coach Angel

I joined KUMA in April of 2022 as I needed to get out of the house and try something new! Kickboxing is a blast, love to share my enthusiasm with others and excited to be part of such a positive and empowering community! Outside KUMA I enjoy spending time outside with my spouse and our dog! We are avid campers and outdoors enthusiasts!

A smiling woman in a kickboxing coach t-shirt standing next to a punching bag.

Coach Heather

Hey, I’m Heather. KUMA isn’t just a gym to me – it’s where I find empowerment and confidence. Kickboxing has shown me how strong I can be, and I bring that same enthusiasm to each class.
When not in the studio or at my marketing job, I’m hiking trails in Maine and New Hampshire with my dog Finnigan. With Wilderness First Aid training and a collection of hiking badge goals, I’m always up for an adventure in nature. I can’t wait to connect and share this empowering and safe space with you.

Woman with boxing gloves smiling at the camera.

Coach Shannon

I stepped into KUMA in January 2022, seeking a fresh start and a challenge. The very first Foundations class captivated me, sparking a newfound confidence and empowerment. KUMA has become more than just a gym; it’s a source of inner strength. When not at the studio, I work at a credit union and pursue my passion for candlepin bowling. Between the kickboxing mats and the bowling lanes, I’ve found unique ways to grow, challenge myself, and thrive.

Woman with purple hair smiling and wearing pink boxing gloves.

Coach Melissa

In August 2022, I discovered KUMA, marking the end of my cycle of exercise frustration. At KUMA, I feel empowered, not defeated. This experience transformed my self-view and body image, inspiring me to support other women as a coaching and foundations assistant since 2023, and now training as a coach. Beyond KUMA, I analyze for a grocery retailer, cherish life with my high school sweetheart, and revel in being an Auntie and dog mom to Clifford, the Little Red Dog. My joys include travel, culinary adventures, musical theater, and ocean escapes.